Apple spaceship Campus 2 Building With Solar Roof

Right now, sometimes we speak of apple, many people will not associate with fruit, but iPhone, iPad, Macbook. Apple electric products with simple design and high quality have been spread over the world. Apple spaceship campus 2 building also is much-anticipated, not only for its apple shape, but its green architecture.


Saving energy is linked closely with solar power. Estimated roof surface area of Apple Campus 2 is over 750,000 square feet. Assuming (conservatively) 2/3rds of that, or 500,000 square feet of that is utilized for solar, that gives Apple close to a 5MW installation on the amin building alone. On average or as a general “rule of thumb” modern photovoltaics (PV) solar panels will produce up to 10 watts per square foot of solar panel area. Since Cupertino is generally favorable in terms of weather and Apple will obviously use the latest Solar technology developed in the coming years, that could give Apple over 5,000,000 Watts of power to play with. Additionally, Apple has a few other buildings on campus that could be outfitted with solar roofs. The plans list a photovoltaic roof canopy of 320,000 sq.ft. just on the parking building.

The structure will be outfitted with solar panels around the top of the building. No need power to run air-conditions for 9 months one year. Without doubt, these solar roofs can supply for all lights, computers, and other electronic equipment. Meanwhile, all lights installed in this building will be LED light, for LED light can save more energy than incandescent light. And in outdoor, some street lamps and landscape lamps are solar powered. No worry about raining day, they are of IP68 waterproof grade, and solar panel can store a lot of power. SUPERNGIHT company is this the light business cooperation which is an enterprise manufacture light specially for 10 years.

The new Apple Campus will aim at being self-sufficient. Most of the power for the facilities will come from an “on-site low carbon Central Plant”, according to an Apple Insider report. Apple intends to use alternative energy sources to power the campus, as part of its pledge to use 100 percent renewable energy at its facilities.

New Generation Of Bike Light

Every bike geek will decorate their bike to be unique in style, off course, safety is the most important.

Tail light is necessary for cyclist in the dark. Original tail light is red LED light powered by lithium battery, which has steady or flash modes. And another important light is headlight which can light on the path ahead to minimize hit risks, bicycle lights help everyone from commuters to casual cyclists when daylight fades away for visibility purposes. Also, its dependence on batteries is a big problem as a rider will never know when it will fade in inopportune moments, like going flat while traveling. As such, they need to bring along additional batteries while they travel just to prevent such from happening. On the other hand, one of the biggest discomforts for bicycle lights are theft. You have to remove all valuable parts from the bike and install all of them when you ride the bike.

bike light

(SUPERNIGHT bike light:

SUPERNIGHT company ( ) promotes one newest bike light which can solve all of problem mentioned above.

Without a replacement set of batteries, the most powerful or effective bike light on the planet is about as much use as a brick when it comes to illumination, and while bike-mounted generators can be one method of keeping the lights on after hours, the typical old-school dynamo generators leave a lot to be desired, both in terms of their weight, their added friction on the tire or rim, and the large mounting bracket necessary to install them.

This is a new generation of inductive bike lighting coming of age right now, which uses the naturally-generated eddy currents from the spinning wheel of the bike to produce enough electricity to drive bright (and energy-efficient) LED bulbs, and which promises to set cyclists free from the dreaded dead battery blues.

This bike light can make a world of difference in the quality of your ride after dark, and can help everyone from bike commuters to casual cyclists to minimize their risk of being hit due to visibility.

Price War In LED Light Market

China, a low-cost maker of goods—is falling behind in the global manufacturing race as rising wages and energy costs put pressure on the Asian country, synonymous with making super cheap stuff. Made-in-China products also have spread all over the earth. But right now, with China is developing gradually, most China’s factories have been moved to poor countries, India, Philippine, Vietnam etc.

We checked one common online shop which is a China’s company with business in LED light. In their shop, the prices of the 8.5W bulbs with 800 lumen output (equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs) is 5.99USD, but same bulb in Philippine price is $3.97 in July 2015. Other large manufacturers including GE have also released bargain 3-packed LED bulbs for US $10. Cree’s single LED bulbs were also priced at US $6.97, indicating only the fittest can survive in the industry.



According to the survey, factory workers’ salary in Philippine is half of Chinese workers’. That is why many inventors move factories to Philippine. Global lighting giant Philips has taken the lead in driving down LED bulb prices, which urged manufacturers in the supply chain to lower production costs. Even every LED bulb price is down to 1 USD, including package.

To meet the challenges of the low LED bulb factory prices, major China’s LED manufacturers including SUPERNIGHT and DUMVOIN companies will be striving to survive in the intensely competitive market. However, plenty of smaller manufacturers will be eliminated from the market.

A brutal price war is under way, many LED light manufacturers are considering about innovation. You can see there are many new products on the web, such as smart LED bulb controlled by cell phone, string lights with solar power panel, mini flashlight with hammer, screw tools.

Price wars are a fact of life—whether we’re talking about the fast-paced world of “knowledge products,” the marketing of Internet appliances, or the staid, traditional business of aluminum castings. If you are not in battle currently, you probably will be fairly soon, so it’s never too early to prepare.

Light Festival In Amsterdam

If you are planning a Christmas in Europe, then do not miss the Amsterdam’s Light Festival. Running from November 27 until January 18, special exhibitions of sculptures and artworks by contemporary established and emerging artists will transform the city center into a celebration of light every evening.


This event attracts artists from the world. For example Temporal Tower by visual artist Todd van Hulzen, consisted of constructing a 100 foot tall sculpture of scaffolding, mesh and 36 powerful LED lights that would glow purple, blue and red in homage to the Herring Packers’ Tower that stood outside of Central Station until 1829. Or consider the massive 230-foot net-based sculpture 1.26 Amsterdam hung over the Amstel River in 2012 that reflected stunning colors while seemingly floating in mid-air.

Another famous work is The Bijenkorf. A beautiful building with facades facing both Damrak and Dam Square, the store always kicks-off the holiday season with a brilliant light display. Meaning “the Beehive” in English, the Bijenkorf lives up to its name by lining their building with over 400,000 LED lights in distinct honeycomb shapes. As time has advanced, so has the innovative light technology. Now the honeycombs, snowflakes and stars all seem to participate in a choreographed dance that immediately put you in a holiday mood.

As we known, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world from a small fishing village. Amsterdam is currently one of the best European cities in which to locate an international business and tourist attraction. This light festival not only draws visitors from all over the world in winter which is off-season, but also develops LED light business. Many LED light manufacturers take part in the exhibition of Amsterdam, such as SUPERNIGHT , DUMVOIN, BZONE and other well known companies.

Magical LED Mickey Suits


Maybe some people still remember this picture which is from a hot video.
Royce Hutain living in the United States of California designed this LED Mickey suits for daughter’s Halloween party. In the dark, his daughter Zoey was outlined by colorful LED light. Zoey was very exacted to have magical Mickey suits, and intended to wear it playing in Disneyland. Royce filmed a video to record daughter’s favorite time after wearing LED suits.

And the year before last Royce Hutain founded a garment company to design Children’s wear specially. Not only manufactures comfortable clothes, but also he designs creative & newfangled clothing for kids. He wants other children can have LED suits as his daughter. Supernight company is the LED supplier for his company. Why is Supernight ? You will understand after can browsing its website Supernight company offers a varity of LED products, such as bulbs, night lights, 5050/3528/5630/7020 SMD LED strip lights, LED fairy string lights and related accessories.

Royce Hutain design team use AA battery powered copper wire LED fairy string lights to make a variety of cartoon figures and animal shapes, for instance, Donald Duck , SpongeBob SquarePants, angel with wings, butterfly deer, dragonfly and so on. Copper wire material LED fairy lights is of light weight, low power consumption and high performance-price. 2M 20leds light price is not over 5USD, and only 3-AA batteries can power for it, very environmentally friendly and economical. If you like glow stick effect, PVC tube LED string lights can meet this request. PVC tube also can protect LED beads from water and dust.

And if you like DIY, maybe you can try to buy some LED string lights to design cool costume . You will be a star wearing it in the party.

X-light Smart LED Bulb

Smart LED bulbs are increasingly popular for young people are always good at making surprise and romance. Common RGB LED bulbs can change colors when you press the remote controller, but smart bulbs have been connected with cell phones, you can use your cell phone to control the bulb by changing color on a whim, or automatically turn on when you enter a room.

rgb led bulbs

X-light bulb which is new product of SUPERNIGHT.
Looking at the data from as follows:
LED type: RGB + Warm white + Cool White
Wattage: Warm white 4.5W, Cool White 4.5W, RGB 3W
Lifetime: >20000 hours
Temperature: 3000~6500K controllable
Colors: 16 Million colors
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 low energy
Bluetooth: TI CC2540 Bluetooth 4.0
Control mode: Android / IOS Smart phone APP

It’s controlled via an iOS or Android device, it offers scheduling options and a variety of colors, and it can even flash when your phone has an incoming call.

Not only change the colors simply, there are various light scenarios of customer defined to choose, such as romantic, dinner, sleeping, parent-child, struggle, meeting etc.

The Coolest LED Light Tattoo In The World


Are you still infatuated with ink tattoo? Did you see any LED light tattoo?

Three men had LED lights implanted under their skin. Grindhouse Wetware offered this surgery, using safe technology to mix humans with robots.

The chip’s name is Northstar V1, is a ring of little LED lights. It turns on using magnets and will illuminate any tattoos. The device was made from a printed circuit board with five red Surface-Mounted-Device Light-Emitting Diodes (SMD LEDs), which are activated for ten seconds when a magnet gets near the sensor. Most of us use 5050 SMD or 3528 SMD LED strip lights to decorate Christmas tree, party, wedding, car or other places. Take 5050 SMD one of most frequently used LED chip as sample, it is of mini size (5mm*5mm*1.6mm), light weight, high brightness, low power consumption etc. And SMD LEDS are easy to purchase everywhere. You can find low-price SMD chips on ebay, Amazon, even on some website, such as

The device can be powered by only a 3 volt battery and coated in silicone with SMD LED low power consumption figure.

According to Grindhouse Wetwear, Northstar Version 2 will be produced soon. Northstar 2 is a rechargeable device that adds gesture recognition and Bluetooth capabilities, enabling users to control electronic devices with hand movements, as well as add patterns or color variations to LED light. In other word, you can choose different patterns and LED colors as your tattoo.

But if you think it is only a simple tattoo as decoration, you are wrong. In fact it was designed to record data from his body and transfer the data to any Android-powered mobile device. Many people had apparently become excited about the Circadia’s LED lights shining from beneath Tim’s skin and wanted their own.